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Based on Tikka’s father’s merchant marine diaries and tales of the sea, Perfect Reflections through the mirror of fiction, gives an authentic and vivid picture of what life was like for a merchant marine and soldier roughly sixty years ago. But even more than that, the novel is the story of Tom Sundell, who has survived the French Foreign Legion and the world’s oceans but is struggling to survive his marriage.


Sundell is haunted by his violent and traumatic past. Yet his life continues uneventfully until he receives a strange and unexpected letter, urging him to return to Buenos Aires – a chance to gain closure on something he thought he had put behind him a long time ago.


Perfect Reflections is an adventure thriller cum detective story that is full of unexpected twists and turns. Through trackbacks and flashforwards it takes the reader through time and space to the sources of dark secrets. The reader gradually comes to realize that the title is highly ironic. There is, after all, nothing perfect about Sundell’s life – only a series of painful thoughts and frightening memories, imprecise mirrorings and jarring reflections.


Pick up Perfect Reflections and you travel with Sundell to Argentina, Brazil, Poland, the Canary Islands, Zaire and the Congo, sailing the high seas, fighting battles side by side, and journeying to the heart of Tom’s nightmares.

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