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"This is my happy face"


"An album [This Is My Happy Face] pursuing such big screen themes asks a writer, no matter if they are novelists, poets, or songwriters, to raise their game and Tikka doesn't disappoint."


"...another great release from the prolific singer-songwriter and power-pop exponent who should be way more better known than he currently is."



"Tikka has been at this a long time so I rue not discovering him sooner..."


"I don’t normally use the word genius for many musicians, however the cap fits with Tom Tikka."


"He is working at a higher level than many of his contemporaries."


"He's got charisma that I can't get enough of, and if you check out his new record, you're going to see exactly what I'm talking about."




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Tom Tikka picked up the guitar at the tender age of six after hearing Paul Anka’s “Lonely Boy” in his father’s old Chevrolet. Soon afterwards, he began writing songs. Tom’s infatuation with music only deepened after his aunt’s husband Timo "Oippa" Oinonen introduced him to the concept of lead guitar and even more importantly to the music of such legendary groups as The Beatles and The Doors. 

Tikka formed almost as many groups as he disbanded in his late teens and early twenties. Yet, when he finally signed his first recording contract on his 21st birthday, it was a solo deal and not a band effort. He recorded a three-song EP for Olarin Musiikki, a small indie label in Espoo (Finland), under the alias of Tom Spark. Unfortunately, the EP disappeared as quickly as it was released. Consequently, Tikka found himself in square one, without a band or a record deal.

Disappointed, Tom withdrew from music for a few years but began writing songs again once his brother Lappe Holopainen suggested that they form a songwriting team. Lappe had founded a group he was convinced would go far and he needed tunes for his new outfit. This group was Carmen Gray.


Carmen Gray was signed to Sony/BMG in 2005 and during the next nine years, they went on to record three albums and one EP. The group's entire catalog (including such radio hits as “Lost In My Mind Again”, “Gates Of Loneliness” & “Life Can Be Beautiful”) was penned by Tom Tikka & Lappe Holopainen.

After Carmen Gray disbanded in 2013, Tikka formed his current group The Impersonators with poet Antti Autio. In 2017, The Impersonators signed with FBP, a German label based out of Frankfurt. Together with their producer Janne Saksa, the Josie Award-nominated The Impersonators have released tunes to rave reviews, considerable amount of radio attention and chart success: “Rodeo” rose to #1 on the International iTunes charts and “Scarlett Hell” to #9. 

In April 2020, Tom began working with MTS Records and has since released three critically-acclaimed solo EPs, one album and several iTunes hits, including the two #1 singles: "Doormat" & "With Eyes Closed".

In 2021, Tom Tikka won an ISSA award for International Male Emerging Artist Of The Year. He was also awarded four Josie-Award nominations as well as a nomination in the prestigious Hollywood Music In Media Awards. 



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